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Influenza (Flu) Vaccine – Fall 2023

Influenza virus infections can be especially harmful to children < 5, adults 65 and older, and people with weak immune systems. These infections can be life threatening. Flu vaccines currently available only cover around 60% of the types of flu that are found in our community. We are conducting two Phase 3 studies to discover if an investigational flu vaccine works as well or better than some currently available seasonal influenza (flu) vaccines in adults 18 years of age and older. There is no placebo. Everyone gets a flu vaccine. Both studies are designed to improve and enhance the immune response to influenza. These flu vaccines may provide better flu control compared to current vaccines. • One study compares high-dose, non-egg based flu vaccine to a currently licensed vaccine, and • One study will compare the mRNA vaccine to a currently licensed flu vaccine. You can contact our office at 501-500-4270 or fill out the short "Do You Qualify" Questionnaire to see if you qualify for this study.

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Ages 18+
Compensation* Up to $615 for study related time and travel
Study Topics Prevention of Influenza

*Compensation for time and travel may be available to those who qualify.