Info for Study Participants

An Open Letter From Richard G. Pellegrino M.D., Ph.D.

Dear Participant:

My name is Dr. Pellegrino and I am President & CEO of the Baptist Health Center for Clinical Research (BHCCR).  Each year, tens of thousands of people across the country participate in clinical research studies designed to search for the medicines of tomorrow.  This is how medical science progresses and without these participants, there would be no new drugs.  We are grateful to these research participants and we started BHCCR, here at Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock, to provide better local access to these investigational medications for our patients.  An important part of this mission is keep our patients informed of available research opportunities and to make sure they fully understand the research process. 

If you choose to participate, I want to thank you in advance for contributing your time to help develop medical therapies for the future.  You, as a participant, are the most important aspect of clinical research and we value your safety and well being more than anything else.


Richard G. Pellegrino, MD, Ph.D.