Why Should I Participate in a Clinical Study?

When you decide to participate in a clinical research study you become part of an important process to advance  medical therapies.  Without participants, just like you, new medications would never reach the market.  Our participants are the most important people to us and we value your safety, comfort, and overall well being more than anything else.  When you decide to participate in a clinical study at BHCCR, you are more than a research participant, you are now part of the BHCCR family.

How Does My Participation Help Others?

The only way that new medications and therapies become available to the world is through the clinical research process.  Clinical research opens new doors to finding ways to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease and disability.  Only through individuals participating in clinical research can we obtain the necessary results needed to advance new therapies.

Can I leave a clinical study after it has begun?

Absolutely yes.  At any time during a clinical study, if you decide you no longer want to participate in the study all that you have to do is let the clinical research team know.  That’s it.  You, as a participant, are in control of whether you want to continue or not.