About the Study

Eosinophilic duodenitis is when a type of white blood cells (eosinophils) accumulate in the lining of the stomach causing inflammation (or duodenitis). This inflammation leads to injury of the stomach where patients will experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, weight loss and or poor growth. Eosinophilic duodenitis can occur at any age, and can only be diagnosed with a biopsy. The cause of the condition is unknown and currently there is no FDA-approved treatments available. Current therapies and disease management include proton pump inhibitors, antihistamines, restricted diets or corticosteroids.

Baptist Health Center for Clinical Research is currently conducting a study for individuals between the ages of 18-80 years old who have been diagnosed with eosinophilic duodenitis. The study is aimed at relieving symptoms as well as treating eosinophilic duodenitis.

The study will last approximated 25 weeks with 10 visits to our office. The study drug will be administered through IV infusion.  Compensation is available for time and travel for those who qualify. All study related care is included and health insurance is not required or needed for this study.


  • Between the ages of 18 -80 years old
  • Diagnosed with eosinophilic duodenitis
  • Do not have history of celiac disease, esophageal surgery or inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Please note, other conditions may apply.